X Marks The Spot With A Dot Dot Dot

Love this exhibit by Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, at the Hirshhorn Museum.

Unfortunately, they were out of passes for this special showing, so I could only grab a quick photo or two.

But I was amazed at how splashes of dots and color can make such am amazing impact on a room.

Futuristic and yet surreal.

Everything in the room — walls, floor, chairs, tables, fixtures, and ornaments — had the design elements on them.

The only thing that didn’t were the people checking it out and what a contrast that was.

It felt like being in the fantasy world of Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory or something amazing like that.

It is no surprise that people were lining up out the doors for tickets to this exhibit.

What an spectacular vision for the world — so happy, so magical and so wow beautiful! ;-)

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader with 30 years of experience delivering results across the public and private sectors. Views are his alone.