Tznius Police

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readFeb 12, 2017


So there is an important concept in Judaism as well as other religions of modesty for the sexes.

This means appropriately covering up in dress and acting modestly.

In Hebrew, we call it Tznius!

As kids, I remember the kids used to sing, “Tznius, don’t show you knee-ius.”

It seems like these days, “everything goes,” where extreme sexuality in public and showing off is the rage.

But as I remember the older generation saying, “Maybe some things are better left to the imagination.”

That doesn’t mean we need to be a bunch of prudes — inhibit or prohibit people from being who they are.

Freedom means everyone is allowed and has a fundamental right to self-expression.

But also, people that want to show more restraint and modesty can do that too.

Perhaps, sometimes things in our society can get a little too superficial, where like and love is only skin deep.

We forget the inner person and the soul in lieu of momentary pleasures of the flesh.

I don’t think we need the tznius police to come out and tell us what to do, but rather that we need to be consider people inside and out for what and who they really are. ;-)

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