Touched By An Angel

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readJul 19, 2017

So the other night I dreamed.

And in the dream, an angel came to me and was over me as I lay down.

The angel had it’s finger pointing at my head in the right temple area.

The finger was all white and while I could feel it having a solid state, it was able to pass in a non-solid state, transparently through the surface and slightly into my head.

I felt pressure applied there and almost like a healing feeling.

The angel was pure white — like a holy marble, but not like marble.

It was majestic, slender, and tall.

It had white feathery wings that were taller than it’s body.

It’s face was like an adult, but also like a child — it was both.

Its feet were like a smooth and solid arch, and did not have toes.

The angel hovered over my upper body, head area, and was looking at me and touching my right temple — with care and love.

It was absolutely clear to me that the angel visiting me was my dear, dear father.

Although, I woke with a slight headache, I felt happy and at great peace by his visit.

The experience was caring, loving, holy and I was uplifted by it.

With his unbelievably pure and giving heart, it was beautiful to see my father as an angel — this was him all along. ;-)

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)



Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal

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