The Meaning Of Pain

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readSep 6, 2017


Wow, I am so impressed with my daughter.

I spoke with her this evening and she has grown into such a smart, mature, and good person.

We were talking about some hard times.

And she said to me so smartly (and I am so proud of her):

“The reason that we have pain is to avoid more pain.”

Wow…think about that for a moment.

Everyone gets physical, emotional, and even spiritual pain in their lives.

Even little things like stubbing your toe, getting a small burn, or a paper cut — these things give you a instant or more of pain…but it jolts you into attention of what to avoid and to action how to protect yourself to prevent further and worse pain down the road.

A little pain now can fortunately save you a lot of pain later!

(Or in the gym they say, “No pain, no gain.”)

My father used to say about difficult life lessons:

“Better to cry now than to cry later!”

He was right — bad situations generally don’t get better with age.

Continuing the discussion with my lovely daughter tonight, she said to me:

“A person becomes better when they struggle. I’ve become better by struggling.”

Again, like little pains, even larger struggles in life challenge us to learn, grow, and become better and stronger people.

I remember as a kid — when we went through those growth spurts — it would actually hurt a little — some muscle aches here and some cramps there — whew, a few inches taller already.

Growth hurts, but it’s kind of a good hurt that only someone with the emotional intelligence to understand maturity and betterment can really grasp.

No, I’m not advocating for self-flagellation — just that we know when pain and struggle is a defining moment in life — like shaping and sharpening a great sword in fierce fire.

It’s hot, but the heat is healing and necessary sometimes to grow as human and spiritual beings. ;-)

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