The Divided States Of America

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readFeb 3, 2017


So the way the alt-left are fighting it out with President Trump…with violent protests, riots, marches, insults, beatings, fires, broken windows, and sheer contempt, you’d think we were in a third world country under a brutal dictator, or worse.

Gone is the respect, decency, compromise, and diplomacy among valid differences of opinion and points of view.

Talking it out and working it out…forget about it.

Aside from taking up arms, it’s almost like this country is in a second civil war.

The United States has become the divided states.

Hitler, Nazis, Stalin, Commies!

California wants to secede (like Texas wanted to previously).

Lawsuits against the President.

Screams, posters and groups of “Not my President.”

Celebrities threatening to pack up and leave the country.

Refusals to carry out the laws of the land.

People joining the resistance and underground.

Secret communications in agencies.

Plotting and threats for a military overthrow of the Presidency.

Calls for blowing up the White House.

Tweets calling for assassination and pics posted of what it would look like.

Yet there are no death camps, no razor sharp wire, no attack dogs ripping the flesh off people, no forced labor, no death marches, no brutal beatings, no starvation of prisoners, no poison gas showers, no crematoria, no firing squads, no mass graves, no gruesome experiments on twins, no vicious assaults, no sexual abuse and rapes, no Star of David patches to be worn, no threats to exterminate.

While of course, we need to ensure “Never Again” for all of us — even the slightest inkling of it — is there really a bona-fide “again” or “inkling” here in the first place?

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