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Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readJan 15, 2018


So I spoke to someone who tried to commit suicide.

This is what they told me:

“When you try to commit suicide, there is no light; there is no Heaven; there is only darkness.”

Basically, even though they were desperate and tried to kill themselves, their experience was not one of finding relief, but rather of going to Hell!

So while I really don’t know anything, this is what I imagine happens when you try to commit suicide.

Yes, there is no light — there is only darkness.

Yes, there is no Heaven.

But I don’t believe you go to Hell for being desperate, depressed, alone, and feeling like you have no other way out.

Instead, what I believe is that you “Go back to GO and you do not collect $200.”

In other words, you have to start the Game of Life all over again.

Since you didn’t complete your tests, trials, challenges, and mission…you go back to the beginning.

You have to relive your life and go through it all over again.

Who is to say, whether it is a better life or not.

Presumably, whatever lessons you were supposed to learn the first time around, you still have to complete those lessons.

So I would think you have to relive a lot of the same.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I hate worst when things go wrong is to have to go back and redo what I’ve already done.

It seems so fruitless, such a waste of time and effort.

How is that for frustrating — working just to redo what you already did.

Perhaps that is quite the measured “punishment” for those who end their life prematurely — before G-d says it’s time.

While we frequently say things about wishing to be young again or do it all over again — I think rarely does someone mean having to go thru the same pain points again.

I assume it’s nice to live again, but it’s got to be a value-add life — not just a do-over!

So in my mind, while someone on the edge may not have a real choice in what they are doing and in making a decision to take their life — it’s probably not a purely rational moment in time — I do think that in so taking their life, they are not doing themselves any favors in the end.

Because, suicide isn’t game over, but rather the game begins all over — from the beginning again. ;-)

(Note: I am not talking about assisted suicide here for someone who is at the end of life and in absolute pain and suffering and it is truly time to go — I am sure that is perfectly okay).

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