Square Watermelons

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
1 min readOct 31, 2019


I thought this was pretty novel.

A square watermelon.

Why do you need a square watermelon?

It was created to make transportation easier and to fit on the tight shelves of small stores in Japan.

How do you make a round/oval watermelon square?

Why of course, you put a box around it while it’s still small and on the vine.

Ah, I think they broke the mold on this innovative idea. LOL

The problem is that that because they are harvested before they are ripe, they are inedible.

So the Japanese use them for decorations, and they can last about a year.

They are so unique, they cost roughly $100 for one.

Why be square, when you can be round? ;-)

(Credit Photo: Defense Acquisition University)



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