Kanban Visual Task Boards

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
1 min readMay 11, 2018


Just wanted to share this best practice for Kanban or Visual Task Boards

This is a way to layout work/workflow and track and communicate progress.

Previously, many professionals use colored sticky notes on a wall or whiteboard.

Today, tools like ServiceNow have the capability built right in.

This was an example that I created in just a few minutes.

Visualize your team’s work and focus on what needs to get done, who the tasks are assigned to, the status, and keep driving continuous improvement in the workflow and project.

Color coding can be used for different tasks and you can see the legend at the top.

Tasks can be easily dragged and dropped from one column (status) to another.

Create transparency and collaboration on your projects — try Kanban Visual Task Boards. ;-)

(Source Graphic: Andy Blumenthal)



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