A Curse That Is Really A Blessing

Andrew (Avraham) Blumenthal
2 min readMay 12, 2017

So here is an amazing true story from this week.

My wife was in Israel.

She went to the Kotel (Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem) to pray.

On the way, an old, poor man stopped her and asked for food.

My wife gave him her sandwich.

Then after walking another block, he stopped her again and gestured for assistance.

This time, my wife gave him some money too.

After this, she asked him if he would bless our family.

And he did and also gave a special blessing to my elder daughter who had just recently gotten engaged.

My wife also went to the Kotel and prayed for us and her.

That same evening back in the States here, my daughter and her fiancee ended their engagement.

At first, the breakup seemed like a big disappointment and that a terrible thing had happened — almost like a curse — but G-d works in mysterious ways.

When we saw the reasons for the breakup, we realized fully that G-d had indeed heard the blessings of the old, poor man (maybe an angel) and the prayers of my wife.

We wish the young man all the best in his future, but we just saw clearly that this was not the right match.

So what at first can seem like a curse is really a blessing in disguise.

Truly, when you give charity, you’re not only helping others, but it’s really a blessing for you too.

Thank you to the old, poor man in Jerusalem and to Hashem who heard my wife’s prayers at the Kotel. ;-)

(Source Photo: Dannielle Blumenthal)



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